1. Patrons must pay rental fee and sign a waiver at boathouse prior to using boats.
  2. Pedal boats must be used in designated area only.
  3. No pets allowed on boats.
  4. No fishing from the boats.
  5. Do not use the boats as bumper boats.
  6. Do not feed animals from the boats.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the boats.
  8. No boisterous/rough play on the boats or dock.
  9. No swimming is allowed at Mallard Lake.
  10. No pets allowed on the boats or dock.
  11. Pedal boat capacity is 4 people.
  12. One user must be age 16 or older. Maximum of 4 people per pedal boat.
  13. One user must be 16 or older to use a row boat.
  14. Inappropriate conduct or horseplay will result in forfeiture of use.
  15. Everyone must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket. There are no exceptions.
  16. Children must wear a properly sized and fitted U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket, and must be able to sit in boat seat – users cannot sit in another’s lap.
  17. Anyone found in violation of any of these rules may be asked to leave Tanglewood Park.

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