Request a Kids Book Grab Bag from Walkertown Branch Library

Published 9/19/2021 by April Mittelstaedt

Need something new? We can help!

If you're interested in reading some fresh books, but aren't sure exactly which ones you want, Walkertown Branch Library is here to help. You can request a kids grab bag using this form or by calling the library at (336) 703-2990.

What if I already have books on hold?

If we have books available for you to pick up, we will put the kids grab bag and the holds together in the same bag for your convenience. If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we can get it for you. If it is not available at Walkertown Branch Library, we will place a hold for you and let you know when it arrives.

How do I pick up my kids grab bag?

If you request a kids grab bag via the phone, the librarian will tell you how long it will take for your bag to be ready. If you use the form, watch for an e-mail saying your bag is ready to pick up. When your bag is ready, it will be checked out and placed on the cart outside by your last name.

What if I would like a teen or adult grab bag?

For teen or adult grab bags, fill out this form or call 336-703-2990.

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